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Certificate States

Understanding netcup Certificate States

netcup Certificates have multiple unique states that are displayed in the SSL Certificates section of the Customer Control Panel (CCP). Depending on the state of your certificate, the options that are available may differ.

Outstanding Invoice

Certificates assume the "Outstanding invoice" state before the corresponding invoices are paid. Once the invoices have been paid, registration is automatically requested from the issuing authority (CA). Clicking the icon next to the certificate will take you to the invoice.


Certificates that are in the "Registration" state are currently being requested from the issuing authority (CA). You do not need to do anything for these certificates for the time being. If you are contacted by the CA, respond to their messages. Please note that many CAs only communicate in English. If anything is unclear to you, our support team will be happy to assist you.

We will automatically notify you at the email address you registered with us if the registration was successful.

Verification is performed

The "Verification is performed" state means that the issuing authority (CA) is currently carrying out the verification process via the selected verification procedure. For example, if you have chosen verification via email, please check the email address provided for further information.

Additional information required

If the certificate assumes this state, the issuing authority (CA) requires further information in order to issue the certificate. Please check your inbox for any queries from the certification authority or our support. If you have not received any message, please contact our support via email, we will be happy to assist you.

Certificate issued

Certificates with the "Certificate issued" state have been successfully issued. You can access the details by clicking on the magnifying glass.


Here you can find general information about your certificate.


Here you will find more information about the product you ordered.

CSR / Certificate

Here you can retrieve the CSR and certificate. If you have request netcup to generate the CSR for you, you will also find the private key here.


The certificate has been cancelled. If you do not know why this status is set, please contact our support via email. We will be happy to assist you.


The "Expired" status is given to expired certificates. You have the option to renew the certificate.

Last update: 21/08/2023