netcup wiki


Logging Into the CCP

Initial CCP login

When logging in for the first time to the Customer Control Panel (CCP), you must use the credentials you received via email. After the first login, you should change the original password to one only you know by clicking on "Master Data" in the menu bar at the left of your screen. It is recommended that you follow best practices in this case and choose a passphrase that is long, unique, uses both capital and lowercase letters, includes numbers and symbols and is not used for anything other than the CCP:

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your CCP password, click "Password forgotten" at the bottom of the login panel. This will bring up the recovery wizard, which will ask you for your customer number, or alternatively your email address. Enter the data and click on "Request email". If your information matches with the data stored by us, you will receive an email explaining all further steps.

I have lost access to my mail address

In case you have lost access to your mail address, please contact our helpful support team.