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Important technical terms


Webhosting is a solution provided by netcup to host content as part of a website, provide your users or customers with web applications based around Node.JS, Ruby on Rails and other exciting coding languages, as well as send and receive emails. Based on the industry standard Plesk, our Webhosting Control Panel offers you a great depth in customization options and the flexibility to tailor your Webhosting instance perfectly to your unique needs.


A domain is an unique address used for websites, but also for other web services. Domains can be registered for a set timeframe and can be connected to a Virtual Private Server (VPS), Root Server or Webhosting instance, offering an easily shared address through which others may access your content, website or web application directly.

Top-level Domain

A Top-level Domain (TLD) is the part of the domain that follows the dot. There are both TLDs that are assigned to geographic locations or countries (e.g. . at, .de, .eu) and generic TLDs that are assigned to specific functions or are intended to indicate membership in a specific group (e.g. .com, .org, .net).


Cronjobs are simple, automated tasks that run in the background and can assist you in a variety of situations.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are the two most important encryption protocols used during online communication. In common speech SSL and TLS are sometimes used synonymously, though SSL has been mostly superseded by TLS. High standard implementations of TLS constitute the bedrock of the certificate offerings of netcup.


POP3 and POP3S are the most commonly used versions of the Post Office Protocol, an older but still popular protocol for retrieving mails. POP3 is highly limited and, for example, does not allow the use of multiple folders. We recommend that you use IMAP whenever possible, as IMAP is much more flexible and robust, especially when dealing with multiple devices like smartphones and PCs.


IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is a widely used and modern messaging protocol for emails. We strongly recommend it to our clients as it is much more flexible and simply better when using multiple devices.


An extension to IMAP which adds SSL encryption enhancing security and trust due to added verification.


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a protocol predominently utilized in the forwarding and sending of emails.


An extension to SMTP which adds SSL encryption enhancing security and trust due to added verification.


A simple tool for building and maintaining a web presence even without in-depth coding knowledge.

Ruby on Rails

An advanced framework that allows the building of complex web applications.


An environment that allows the development of backends in JavaScript.


A popular, general puprose programing language that can be used to develop applications running on netcup Webhosting products.


A popular, general puprose scripting language that can be used to develop applications running on netcup Webhosting products.

Domain Name System

A Domain Name System (DNS) can be viewed as a form of address book for the wider internet. DNS servers generally provide your browser with the information required to convert Domains into the actual IP addresses behind which, e.g. a website is actually stored.


A relational database management system. It can be used to store and recall information.

Let's Encrypt

A free and automated certificate authority that provides users with free SSL/TLS certificates, securing the connection between users and your web presence.

Last update: 30/10/2023