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Contact Customer Support

Contacting netcup Customer Support

If you have any questions, need to get into touch with our accounting team, or are experiencing issues, please feel free to contact our helpful customer support team.

1. Accessing the CCP

To contact our customer support, open your Customer Control Panel (CCP) and click the “Contact” button in the left sidebar:

2. Select your ticket type

Here, you can contact netcup's helpful team of customer support professionals. We have three categories for support requests:

SupportThis category is used for questions regarding specific issues with netcup products that you are currently using.
netcup AccountingThis category is used for questions regarding payment, taxation, uncertainty regarding your financial obligations, and similar.
Ask for general assistanceThis category is used for general questions not directly connected to a specific netcup product. Equally, this section may be used if you have a question about a specific netcup product but are not experiencing a specific issue with said product.

Use the "Range" drop-down menu to select one of the above mentioned areas of support.

3. Writing your support ticket

Please also include any and all error or bounce messages you have encountered.

Under “subject”, write a short title covering your specific issue or query. It is recommended that you include the unique name of the product in question in brackets at the beginning of the title. Next, write your inquiry in more detail in the field labeled “Message”. Again, mention the unique product name and the product type. Submit your request by clicking on the “Send inquiry” button at the bottom.

4. Receiving assistance

The netcup support team will attempt to reply within 24h of receiving your support ticket.

Last update: 21/08/2023