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What are netcup Servers?

netcup Server are our range of server products. Our server offerings provide you with access to very capable hardware. We manage the infrastructure and hardware and provide you with a simple-to-use, easy-to-understand Server Control Panel that allows you to configure your server depending on your needs.

netcup Server comes with support for a variety of operating systems including both numerous Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows Server.

You may use netcup Servers to host online applications such as Nextcloud and Wordpress instances, up to advanced applications including Gaming-Servers.

With netcup, you benefit from our highly rated data centers. Our data centers are well regarded due to an elevated level of redundancy for networking, cooling, and power, ensuring that your application will be available at minimum 99.6% per year. Our Root-Servers have an even higher degree of reliability at least 99.9% per year.

What variants of server does netcup offer?

At netcup, we distinguish between vServer (VPS), Root-Servers and ARM Servers. All server types are build upon powerful physical servers, which can host multiple virtual machines that run completely independently and in isolation from each other with a range of options concerning the operating system, CPU, storage, and RAM. The main differences between vServer (VPS) and Root-Servers are listed below:

CategoryVPSRoot Server
Dedicated CPU coresNoYes
Guaranteed RAMYesYes
SSD storageYesYes
Minimum availability99.6 %99.9 %
Satisfaction guaranteeNoYes
Hourly billing (optional)YesNo

Beyond these familiar offerings, netcup now also offers ARM servers. ARM servers are the latest addition to our diverse server range, providing cutting-edge efficiency and performance. These servers, based on the innovative ARM architecture, famed for its energy efficiency and high core density, are ideal for a wide range of applications.

As with our x86 server series, the netcup ARM servers also utilize our intuitive and familiar Server Control Panel (SCP). This ensures a seamless transition and a consistent experience for users familiar with our x86 servers. However, users should consider the current state of software compatibility in comparison to x86 servers. It's important to assess the availability and performance of your software when utilizing ARM Servers. For more details, please refer to our ARM Server FAQ as usual.

Does netcup offer other server products for more specific needs?

In addition to vServers and Root-Servers, netcup also offers so-called Storage Servers. These are especially designed for users with a high demand for storage space. netcup Storage Servers are built upon RAID6, ensuring optimal protection for the availability of your data. netcup Storage Servers can also be combined with netcup Root or vServers, allowing cost-effective expansion with highly available storage.

What are the key features?

  • Multiple CPU, RAM, and storage options
  • Easy & quick setup
  • Full VM root access
  • Customers can use premade operating system images for quick setup
  • Customers can choose the operating system and upload their own ISO or image files after the initial setup process
  • Hosted on hardware within one of our high-redundancy data centers
  • Easy to use control panel to monitor your virtual server
  • Console access directly from the control panel within your browser
  • DDoS protection with 2 Tbit/s
  • Snapshots (Optional add-on)

How long does an order take to be processed?

The duration of the fullfillment process can depend on numerous factors. We always strive to provide your with your server as quickly as possible, but on weekends and holidays, this may take a bit longer than usual. The time it takes for you to gain access after your order has been processed can also vary. During regular working hours on weekdays, you should, in many cases, receive access to your server very quickly. However, we kindly ask for your understanding if this takes a bit longer.

Last update: 01/12/2023