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What is Webhosting?

Can I host a website without knowing how to code?

Can I use netcup Webhosting for more than just hosting a website?

Can I use my website with additional domains?

Is there a guide for using Let's Encrypt to secure my Domain?

What is the new pricing structure of the netcup Webhosting products?

What are the advantages of deciding at which location (Nuremberg or Vienna) my Webhosting plan will be located?

Why does the Webhosting 1000 offering have a longer minimum contract period?

Can an existing tariff be subsequently moved between sites?

Are the reseller Webhosting plans also available in Vienna?

Can I view the location after placing the order?

If I already have a Webhosting plan, will it be forced to move to another location in the future?

Do the Webhosting plans at the Vienna site have the same features as those at the Nuremberg site?

Are the Webhosting plans in Vienna located in netcup's own data centers?

Will there be more locations in the future?

Who is responsible for customer support for the Webhosting plans in Vienna?

What about data protection at the Vienna Webhosting location?

How is support for the Vienna site contacted?

My question is not listed here. Where can I find an answer?