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Transferring a Domain

How to Transfer a Domain to netcup

In case of a domain transfer, the annual registration fee will be charged a second time, since a registrar change must take place.

It is possible to transfer domains from another provider to netcup via a domain transfer. The transfer process is designed to be similar to the regular order process.

Please contact your current registar if you need an Auth-Code or the removal of a transfer lock.

Regular Domain Transfer

This applies to most domains with regular, country specific TLDs.

1. Entering your domain

The first step in transferring a domain is to search for it via our availability tool:

Enter the domain you would like to transfer in the corresponding field and then click the "Check" button.

2. Adding to cart

Click “Transfer” on the right-hand side to continue. Next, verify that you are the owner of the specific domain by clicking the "Yes, I want to transfer my domain . to netcup" button on the right-hand side:

3. Completing the transfer process

After completing the order, you will receive an email with a link that directs you to a form where you can submit the Auth-Code. Subsequently, the domain transfer will be started and the Auth-Code will be verified. Once that has been completed, the domain transfer will be completed successfully.

Domain Transfer of gTLDs

A list of netcup approved gTLDs may be found in this chapter.

The Auth-Code is provided by your current registar and only valid for 30 days after issuing. netcup cannot issue AuthCodes for domains not registered with netcup.

For the transfer of generic TLDs (gTLD) you must ensure that you have both:

  • a correct Auth-Code, and
  • that all transfer locks have been lifted (the status: OK or ACTIVE may be check via a Whois query).

As soon as you have ordered the domain transfer and submitted the Auth-Code in the provided form, the transfer will begin from our side. Subsequently, the current domain holder will receive a confirmation request (Form of Authorization (FOA)) sent to the email address stored in the Whois. The current domain holder has to agree to the domain transfer within 10 days by either replying to the FOA email or confirming the link sent in the FOA email.

If the consent is given within the deadline, the system will check if the Auth-Code is correct and if there is no transfer lock. If this is the case, the transfer will be confirmed by the current registrar and the data of the Admin-Cs, Tech-Cs, Billing-Cs, DNS and DNSSEC of the domain will be updated with the data that was submitted during the transfer request. Such a domain transfer can take between 5-7 days.

A domain transfer may also necessitate an update of the owners personal information, which is usually initiated in case of changes in the Owner-C data. A consequence of such a change is a subsequent 60-day transfer lock. In this case, the registry (ICANN) provides a separate procedure for gTLDs.

In such a situation, the previous holder receives an email containing a link through which they can remove the transfer lock and, on the one hand, agree to the change. The future holder receives a separate email in which they can acknowledge the new ownership. Both parties must respond to successfully complete a domain transfer with subsequent change of ownership.

Last update: 16/09/2023