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Using the SCP App

How to use our SCP App

The SCP App for Android and iOS allows you to manage your servers conveniently on-the-go via your mobile phone or tablet.

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To use the SCP App, you must authenticate with your SCP access data. Enter your username and password, then select "Login".

Security Mode

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If you have activated the so-called security mode in the web version of the SCP, access to the SCP App is not possible by default, as the security mode deactivates password login. In this case, you will receive the error "Login failed. Security mode is active.". You can bypass this by allowing login to the app even with the security mode activated in the web version of the SCP under Options -> Settings -> App access despite security mode.

Forgot Password

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If you have forgotten your password, you can request new access data via the "Forgot Password?" function. Please enter your username and email address in the designated fields and then select "Request password". Further instructions will be sent to you via email.

By clicking on "Back to Login", you can return to the login form.


After successful login, you will reach the homepage. Here you get an overview of all existing servers in your customer account:

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Filter Menu

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Using the filter menu, you can set various filter options to influence the display and sorting of the existing servers.

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You can search for the nickname/server name of your server. By selecting a found system, you are immediately taken to the server overview of the respective product. By pressing the input/open key on the keyboard, you can also display several found systems at once.


Taking a closer look at a server, you can quickly read various information:

Server Nickname

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A freely selectable name by which you can more easily identify it within the SCP (e.g., "Webhosting").

Server Name

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The unique name assigned by netcup for your server, which you should always provide when making support requests.

Information Message Alert

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Notification if there is an information message for the server (e.g., recommended reboot for updating the KVM version).


Scp app07.jpg

The current status of the server, e.g., "started" with a green circle or "stopped" with a red circle.

Running Since

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The uptime of the server since the last power-on. System restarts are not considered. Only the time the server has been powered on is counted.

Server Details

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By selecting a server by tapping on it, you will be taken to the server details. Here you can view additional information about the selected server and perform actions on it.


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Under the "General" tab, you are shown general information about your selected server.

Information Messages

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Information from the SCP about the server, e.g., recommended restart due to a newer available KVM version or because of a suggested memory optimization.


Scp app26.jpg

The nickname you assigned to the server, which you can also change here.

Running Since

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The uptime of the server since the last power-on. System restarts are not considered. Only the time the server has been on is counted.


Scp app28.jpg

Displays the number of gigabytes of data transferred by this server in the current calendar month.


Scp app29.jpg

Here you will find information about the booked performance. The total RAM, the number of CPU cores, and the size of the hard drive are shown.


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For each network card of the system, all relevant data is displayed here, e.g., (depending on the network card) MAC address, IPv4 address, IPv6 network, etc.


Scp app15.jpg Scp app18.jpg

On the "Control" page, you can manage your server's status and, for example, restart it in case of an error.

The layout of the page varies depending on your server's current status.

The various views always provide you with the exact options you might need.

The potential actions available correspond to those in the SCP web version.


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The SCP provides you with detailed statistics about your server, which you can view under the Statistics tab.

Here you can see how much CPU power, disk operations, network packets per second, and network traffic your server has processed or used.

The available statistics match those of the SCP web version.


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All actions that represent profound changes or influences on your system are recorded under the "Log" section.

This section always provides information about what has been changed on your server recently or what actions have been performed on it.

All errors and problems that have occurred are also logged here.

The logged actions correspond to those of the SCP web version.

Hamburger Menu

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Using the hamburger menu, which you can access via the three lines in the upper left corner, you can get information about the app and sign out. Additionally, you'll receive notifications about planned enhancements to the app.

About the App

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Here, you can find information about netcup, legal notes, and the open-source software used within the app is mentioned.

Sign Out

Logging out of the app will sign you out of SCP. Therefore, if you wish to use the app again, you'll need to log in again after selecting the "Sign Out" option.

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User Account Menu

Within the User Account Menu, you'll find various information regarding your SCP user account with netcup and can adjust various settings for both the account and the app.

Customer Data

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Here, you are shown the primary data stored for this account. This data is only viewable here as it is always obtained from the netcup CCP. If there have been changes to your data, you can correct them in your Customer Control Panel (CCP). Any changes will be implemented in the SCP within approximately 24 hours.


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The SCP is available in multiple languages. Here, you can choose the one you find most comfortable for everyday use.

Change Password

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Here, you can change the password for your SCP access.

To make the change, you first need to enter your old password for security reasons. In the next two fields, please input your desired new password. Ideally, use special characters and numbers to make it harder for potential attackers to guess your password.

Once all fields are correctly filled out, you can finalize the change by clicking on "Set Password".

Last update: 25/09/2023