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Changing Resolution on Windows

How to change the resolution on a netcup Server

This necessitates UEFI support.

netcup servers have a base resolution of 800x600 pixels. While this allows a proper Windows installation, it can make usage more challenging. To increase the resolution, changes to the UEFI need to be made. However, this is not difficult and is explained in this guide.

1. Access UEFI

Although this section is called "Recovery", the system is not actually recovered, and no changes are made.

To change the screen resolution, you first need to access the UEFI via the Windows Control Panel. To do this, go to "Update and Security" and click on "Recovery", then on "Restart now".

2. Navigate to Recovery Menu

After a restart, you will be asked for your preferred temporary keyboard layout. We recommend selecting "German". Subsequently, select "Troubleshoot" and then "UEFI Firmware Settings". Then click on "Restart".

3. Change Resolution

After another restart, you will reach the desired UEFI menu. Go to "Device Manager" in the UEFI menu and then to "OVMF Platform Configuration". Navigate to "Change Preferred" and select the desired resolution.

4. Success

After a restart, the desired resolution will be applied.

Last update: 20/09/2023