netcup wiki



Overview of Your netcup Products

This page provides you with an overview of all your currently contracted netcup products:

This section provides you with a simple drop-down menu to select the specific product category you would like to have displayed below. This can be helpful if you are using multiple netcup products.


This section displays a list of all netcup products that you have currently contracted and that belong to the category defined in the "Search" section.

Clicking on the magnifying glass icon to the left of a product name reveals an additional menu dependent on your product category. Depending on the product, you can directly access the Webhosting Control Panel (WCP), make administrative changes, modify rDNS settings and more. The specific changes that are possible in this area will be detailed further in the respective User Guides for each product category.


This button redirects you to the netcup Homepage and logs you in with your customer account so you can easily order additional products.