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Understanding the General View of Your Server

Once you have selected a specific server, you will find yourself in the "General" view. This view provides you with a quick overview of some of the most important information:

Server nameUnique name of your server assigned by netcup. Please always specify this name in support requests.
NickA name of your choice that can be used to identify the server more easily in the SCP.
StateStatus of the server, e.g. "Started" while running
UptimeTells you how long the server has been running since it was last turned on
Traffic (current month)Amount of traffic used in the current calendar month
Exportable snapshotsThis number tells you how many times you may still export a snapshot. If the value is “0 remaining”, you can book further exports via the CCP.
RAMAmount of memory available to your server
CPUNumber of CPU cores available to your server
HDD1Size of your server's primary hard disk
First boot deviceDrive from which your server attempts to boot on reboot
Currently attachedName of the inserted DVD, if a DVD is inserted
NetworkInformation about the IP networks available to the server

Last update: 01/09/2023