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Affiliate Program

Maximize Your Referral Benefits with netcup Vouchers

netcup recommends the use of vouchers to ensure that you reap the full benefit of every referral you make.

You may also use links for advertisting via this format:

This page provides you with access to our affiliate program. Here you will find a list of all customers you have recruited for us.

Account statement

This section allows you to sort by customer or invoice number and change the amount of displayed entries per page.

Customers acquired

This section tells you the status of the invoices paid by acquired customers and the commission that you earned from these invoices.


This section lists the total earnings made from the acquired customers. By clicking on "Pay commission", your withdrawal request will be deposited.

Please note that this applies only to business customers as part of our affiliate program. Private customers may only use the compensation to settle outstanding bills. This does not apply to a balance due to a refund, which may also be paid out as a private customer, provided any outstanding bills have been paid.

Advertising media

This section forwards you to our repository of advertising materials in case you want to take your promotion of netcup to the next level.


You will receive a bonus for each new customer who redeems a voucher generated by you, while the new customer will receive a discount on their order. You will receive a lifelong 10% share of the revenue generated by the customer you have referred. The revenues can be viewed and, depending on the account type, may be paid out in the "Account statement" section.

Create vouchers

Here you can create vouchers to share online or with your friends. You may select between a wide range of benefits via the "Type of voucher" drop-down menu. Benefits can range from a one-time rebate to a monthly reduction in price. Under "Number", you may select the amount of vouchers you would like to have issued.

Open vouchers already issued

This is a list of all vouchers you have issued, including their state.