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AuthCode2 Procedure

My current provider refuses to provide an Auth-Code

For the transfer of .de domains, an Auth-Code is typically required, which you can obtain from your current provider. If, as the domain owner, you are unable to contact the provider, or if they refuse to issue a regular Auth-Code, you can use the AuthCode2 procedure to transfer the domain to netcup. With the AuthCode2 procedure, DENIC, the central registration authority for all .de domains, sends the AuthCode2 by mail to the address registered under the domains Owner-C. The AuthCode2 procedure ensures that you, as the domain owner, can always exercise your right to transfer your domains.

1. Initiate AuthCode2 Procedure

The AuthCode2 can only be sent to the postal address registered under the Owner-C. You can query this at any time via the DENIC's WHOIS tool.

If your current provider does not provide you with an Auth-Code despite multiple attempts to request one, you can initiate the AuthCode2 procedure via this order form.

Following this, you will receive an email from our support team. Please respond to this email with the domain and a note indicating that you are requesting the AuthCode2 procedure.

2. Receive AuthCode2

After reviewing your application, the AuthCode2 will be sent by registered mail to the Owner-C.

3. Report AuthCode2 to netcup

Please send the received AuthCode2 and your domain by email to The transfer will then be carried out directly by netcup as the new provider, regardless of the current provider.

4. Success

Your domain has now been transferred from your old provider to netcup.

Last update: 12/09/2023