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An introduction into our offerings

netcup offers a variety of reliable hosting and internet-focused services. We provide you with:


Our cloud webhosting products are ideal for any customer intent on providing web content including plain text sites, forums, blogs and online shops. Our webhosting products may include, depending on contract, one or more domains (.at, .de, .ch, .li, .eu or .com domains are available), ample storage space for your needs, and transport encryption. All of our offerings support WordPress out of the box, our more advanced offerings also can come pre-configured with support for programming languages and environments like Ruby and NodeJS.


Our server products are designed to provide you with a reliable, easy-to-use, yet powerful experience. We offer both vServers (VPS) and Root Servers depending on your requirements, with the main advantages of the latter being dedicated CPU resources, a satisfaction guarantee, and higher minimum availability. These servers may be set up to provide a variety of server solutions. Regardless of your needs, netcup server products will enable you to accomplish your goals.


We handle over 450 top-level domains and provide you with an affordable solution for all internet address needs. As an accredited registrar, netcup is able to register certain domains (.at, .de, .ch, .li, .eu) directly at the source.


Our SSL certificates guarantee that the data shared with your website visitors is classified as secure. This creates trust among your visitors while also ensuring that their data does not end up in the wrong hands. At netcup, we can offer you a wide choice of certificate types.


Our groupware solutions let you stay up-to-date with emails, appointments and contacts within your family or your business.

Last update: 22/09/2023