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Is there protection against DDoS attacks?

How do the Generation 10 VPS differ from Generation 9?

What is the difference between the VPS Generation 10 and the Generation 10s?

Is it possible to upgrade from Generation 9 (or older) to Generation 10?

What is meant by hourly-based rates?

Are the VPS of the old generation 9 (and older) still available for order?

What does the designation VIE, NUE and "no preference" mean?

What are the advantages of deciding on which location (Nuremberg or Vienna) to host my VPS?

Do I have any disadvantages if I choose "no preference" for vServer location?

Why are the VPS in Nuremberg and Vienna more expensive compared to "no preference"?

If I selected "no preference", can the location change after the fact?

If I already own an older generation vServer, will it be forced to move to a different location in the future?

Can I view the location after placing the order?

Do the VPS at the Vienna site have the same features as those at the Nuremberg site?

Are additional IPs differentiated by location?

Will there also be Storage Space in Vienna and if so, can it be combined with vServer from Nuremberg?

Are the vServers of the VPS VIE located in netcup's own data centers?

Will there be more locations in the future?

Who is responsible for customer support for vServers in Vienna?

What about data protection at the Vienna vServer location?

Can I change the location of my vServer afterwards or automatically migrate an existing server?

Can the products be combined with vouchers?

How do I contact the Vienna site support?

My question is not listed here. Where can I find an answer?

What are the minimum contract period?