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Cancellation of PPA instances

Frequently asked questions concerning the cancellation of PPA based Webhosting instances.

Could you please summarise the entire process again briefly and clearly?

  • The instance which you are using can no longer be operated on the basis of the hosting panel "Parallels Plesk Automation" (PPA) for technical reasons.
  • We will therefore provide you with a new instance from our current web hosting cloud with the "Plesk" panel within a maximum of 24 hours.
  • A manual move of your data to this new instance is necessary. An automatic move or a move by netcup is not possible or offered.
  • We will irrevocably delete the old instance currently used by you, including all data contained therein, on the deletion date mentioned in the initial mail to you. If you have not moved your data to the new instance by this date, or if you have not backed up your data in any other way, they will be irrevocably lost. A recovery is not possible.

What happens if I do not act?

Your old PPA hosting instance, including all the data it contains (web space content, databases, mailboxes, etc.) will be irrevocably removed on the deletion date announced in the initial mail to you. If you do not act (move your data to a new instance, or back them up), they will be irrevocably lost. The newly provided Plesk-based instance will continue to be available.

Can you take care of the move to the new instance for me?

No, we cannot offer such a service (even against payment). If you are unable to do this yourself, we recommend using an appropriate IT service provider. Please note that we cannot make any recommendations for this.

Do you have instructions for the move?

The migration of data from the old to the new instance is done very differently depending on the applications set up, services used, etc. Essentially, the following must be observed:

  • Setting the correct settings for the respective domain in the new instance (e.g. PHP version).
  • Moving the web space contents via FTP

*Moving the databases via SQL dump

  • Adjusting the configuration files of the web application used in the new instance (so that, for example, the new database server is used)
  • Changing the DNS entries of the domain to the new hosting, so that your domain points to it (please also note the following question)
  • Check that the move was complete and successful (in particular, check that your web application is actually running completely on the new instance, i.e. that e.g. the old database server is not still being used by mistake).

Many content management systems (e.g. Wordpress) can be moved more easily with the help of special plug-ins. Please understand, however, that we cannot make any specific recommendations here.

However, as already explained, moving the content of a web hosting plan depends individually on which services you use. Therefore, the above guide cannot cover many use cases. However, it can be used as a basic framework for many migrations.

If you need further help with the move, we recommend that you contact an IT service provider. You can also find support from other customers in our forum at

What happens with my domains?

  • Included domains: Included domains that were previously assigned to your hosting instance will automatically be assigned to the new web hosting instance.
  • Additional domains: We assign all additional domains known to us to the new instance. If previously used domains are missing here, please contact our support at We will be happy to assist you.
  • The following applies to both types of domains: As soon as you have moved your data, you can change the DNS entries of the domain to the new hosting in your CCP under "Domains" click on the magnifying glass in front of the domain tab "DNS", by ticking the checkbox "Set default DNS settings". Your domain will then point to your new hosting instance with us and after a few hours (due to DNS caching) the contents of the new hosting will be displayed when the domain is accessed.

Why are you simply deleting the instance I booked?

We cannot guarantee stable and reliable operation of instances based on "Parallels Plesk Automation" (PPA), such as yours, in the future, as the software has already been discontinued for several years. Also, from a security point of view, continued operation of the hosting instance based on this hosting panel is not possible. In order to make it as uncomplicated as possible for you to change to a current instance, we will provide one automatically. This is accompanied by the deletion of all data in the old instance on the deletion date mentioned in the inital mail to you.

Is it possible to continue using the old hosting, if necessary also for an additional charge?

No, due to the technical circumstances already explained, we definitely cannot continue to operate the instance beyond the deletion date mentioned, even for an additional charge. We kindly ask you to refrain from enquiring about this with our support team, as they will not be able to give you a different answer.

Is it possible to postpone the deletion date?

No, it is not possible to postpone the deletion date of your old PPA instance. Due to the large number of customers affected, we have to largely automate the process. Therefore, please refrain from making enquiries to our support team in this regard, as they have no influence on the upcoming deletion date. We ask for your understanding.

What features does the newly provided instance have?

The instance is based on the same features as before in most points, in many cases you will also have better features available. It will also continue to include all originally included Included domains free of charge. Nevertheless, it is possible that the new instance will have lower services in individual points than your previously booked product. These are usually individual services that previously had unusually high capacities and were not normally used by customers in this form (such as a high three-digit number of available databases). The new features are based on our current instances and thus also on values customary in the market. You can view the provided services of the old and the new instance in your Customer Control Panel (CCP) under "Products andclick on the magnifying glass in front of the product, followed by "Features".

Please also note the following two questions.

Is the "Web Kit" still available?

If you have created a website with the "Web Kit" in the old PPA hosting instance and would like to continue to operate it with us, you can move it normally via FTP, as it is only an ordinary static website (a database was not used for these websites). However, it is no longer possible to edit the website within the hosting panel afterwards, as the Web Kit is no longer offered in this form in the new panel. Due to the age of the outdated panel, the web pages created by the Web Kit usually no longer meet current technical standards.

Individual services in my instance have been reduced. What is the background to these changes?

In individual cases, different features may be available in the new instance. An example of this could be the number of databases that can be created, which in the old PPA instances was sometimes in the high three-digit range. We had to adjust these values to align to our current instances and thus also to the usual market conditions, as otherwise problems may arise later on if you want to upgrade the newly provided instance. The individual service options to which this applies have only been fully utilised by our customers in exceptional cases. Should such a change still cause you major difficulties, please contact our support team so that we can find an individual solution together.

What are the costs for the new instance?

We will provide your new instance at the same cost as the previous product. In some cases, the new instance may also be cheaper.

How will I be billed for the new product?

The next billing of your new instance will take place at the same time as would have been the case with your old hosting instance. However, the billing period for the new product may change. This means that you may have to pay for fewer or more months in advance from the next invoice. You can view the billing period of your new product after it has been made available in your Customer Control Panel (CCP) under "Products" and click on the magnifying glass in front of the new product, followed by "Contract details".

Does the minimum contract term of my new instance change compared to the old hosting instance?

The minimum contract period of the new instance is always one month. This means that you will not be disadvantaged in any way. As described below, you can return the new instance until the old hosting instance has been cancelled. After that, you can cancel it in the regular way instead. If you have not yet received a further invoice for the new product (but it is still billed over the remaining term of the last invoice of your PPA instance), you will not automatically receive a credit note for the paid remaining term in the event of cancellation for technical reasons. In this case, please contact our support after you have cancelled and the new product has been deleted. Our accounting department will be happy to assist you.

I do not want to use the new hosting I received automatically. How can I cancel this?

Please note that in this case your old hosting instance will also be irrevocably deleted on the announced deletion date, including all the data it contains. If you do not book another instance with us, you will no longer receive any hosting services from us as of this date. Furthermore, in this case we will no longer send you any further reminders for the deletion of your PPA instance. Your hosting plan will then be switched off and deleted without further notice on the announced date, including all the data it contains. You will find the link to cancel the new instance in the announcement mail. If you no longer have it, please contact our support team at

Last update: 16/09/2023