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What is netcup SOGo?

A solution helps a group of people plan their appointments, communicate with one another or customers and keep their contacts organized as a shared activity. Each person in the group receives a personal user account with which they can manage their emails, contacts and appointments. Anyone in the group can also be given read access to the calendar, mailbox and address books owned by another user; owners can even grant write access if needed. Group users can also invite each other to their appointments.

What SOGo packages does netcup offer?

We have put together four separate groupware packages for you, aimed at covering your individual requirements. These various packages can be booked directly from the netcup Customer Control Panel.

What is the order process?

Once your order has been received and you have undergone our verification and payment process, your SOGo Groupware package will be issued.

Last update: 21/08/2023